Overwhelmed, frustrated, and just plain ol’ exhausted of trying to navigate and live a FULL life with food allergies/intolerances?

Or have a loved one struggling to enjoy life while navigating their food allergies?

Or maybe you’re just interested in healthier living?

Join our Dinner Club where local food allergy friends and family members come together to support one another, hear from special guest speakers, share resources and enjoy some food allergy friendly food from Sweet Elizabeth’s Organics.

We meet monthly at Sweet Elizabeth’s Organics Bakery located at 115 S 25th Street, Colorado Springs, CO, 80904 (in the restaurant in the back).

Our June 10th Speaker

Christa Biegler, RD 

I’m a different kind of dietitian. I look at your ENTIRE situation and help craft a plan that is both doable and will get you the maximum results. I like to think of myself as a nutrition detective, because any ailment has a nutrition component. When you’re running low on gas (fatigue) or your body is breaking down (aches and pains), something is missing. And it starts with what’s going in your mouth.

Think about it….in the same way taking a medication by mouth has an effect on you, the other things (read: foods & nutrients) you put in your mouth have an even a bigger effect on you.

I effectively help people reduce symptoms and reverse inflammatory conditions with individualized treatment plans.

This gets to the root of the issue faster and prevents scratching your head about it for years, or worse--thinking it's normal!

Cost is $30 per ticket (plus tax) which includes a drink, delicious allergy-friendly dinner and dessert provided by Sweet Elizabeth herself! (*Other than gluten and dairy free please email Elizabeth at info@SweetElizabethsOrganics.com with any allergy needs or concerns)

You can also join our Facebook community where you can ask questions, learn new recipes and be supported on your health journey.

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Cost is $30 (+plus tax)

Previous Guest Speakers

May 14th Speaker

Tiffany Lord, Founder of Love and Asana

After graduating from CorePower's teacher training program in 2015, my fate as a yoga addict was sealed. I've always loved bodywork, homeopathic remedies, and whatever the new healthy drink was (but I would still always opt for an espresso) - so it's strange that it took me so long to give in and try yoga. Once I did, I was hooked...not that I really had the strength yet to do the things I wanted or to even understand how to breathe correctly. One of the greatest gifts that I received from yoga though, was the community. I want to give back with fashion that helps fund yoga programs for under-served populations. Everyone can truly benefit from a yoga practice and should feel good about themselves while doing it - from the mind, to the body, to the shirts!


April 2nd Speaker

James Ripley, Founder & Creator of the Goodnite Guru

James began his studies of relaxation and meditation in 1992 with the hypnosis society in college at Miami University of Ohio. He is certified by the Anna Wise Center as an Awakened Mind™ Meditation & Brainwave Training Practitioner & Trainer. Awakened Mind™ Brainwave Training combines the ancient art of meditation with biofeedback using EEG, SC (skin conductance), HRV (heart rate variability).

While completing the certification program he was selected to apprentice with Anna Wise, the developer of the Awakened Mind™ Brainwave Training, the foremost international authority on brainwave states and guided meditation at the time; where he assisted in the training of other practitioners at The Anna Wise Center, lead workshops, and private sessions.

James now creates guided meditation programs that give others the opportunity to develop greater awareness of their own mind-body connection. And the opportunity to create life-changing habits and connect with others while learning the invaluable skill set of relaxation, meditation, and high performance.

While applying universal truths about the science of relaxation and meditation are important to James, ultimately James enjoys helping others to discover what’s unique about themselves that allows them to grow, awake, and thrive.

Because James has had sleep challenges throughout his life, and because of the growing epidemic of sleep disorders, James has recently developed the 21 Day Guided Meditation Program for Sleep along with the digital downloads for additional support.